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Board of Directors


Todd E. Crawford


Todd E. Crawford, is Chairman of the Board at Capital City Energy Group, Inc., since leading the management take-over of the company in February 2010. Mr. Crawford is also Chairman and CEO at Capital City Partners, Inc., and its group of financial services companies that include Capital City Securities, LLC., member FINRA, SIPC licensed MSRB broker-dealer affiliated with RBC Correspondent Services; Capital City Asset Management Group, LLC, an SEC-registered investment advisor, Capital City Insurance Group, LLC an insurance agency and Capital City Consulting Group, LLC investment banking services. Mr. Crawford was a founding partner in the original group that created Capital City Energy Group, Inc. Previously a Vice President at McDonald Investments, a subsidiary of KeyCorp, Mr. Crawford’s tenure in the securities industry has spanned more than 25 years. Mr. Crawford was previously a member of the banking team taking former employer, Diamond Hill Capital Management (symbol – DHIL), public in 1997.

Timothy S. Shear


Timothy S. Shear, is the Chief Executive Officer and a Director of Capital City Energy Group, Inc. since the management take-over of the public company in February 2010. For the past 11 years of his 22 years in the financial services industry, Mr. Shear has served as an asset manager and investment banker at Capital City Partners, Inc. and its group of companies, including an independent brokerage affiliated with RBC Dain and their SEC-registered investment advisor, where he is Senior Vice President. Previously, he spent 11 years with Diamond Hill Capital Management, Inc. (symbol – DHIL) and its predecessor, then as one of the banking team taking it public in 1997. Tim’s earlier career was focused over almost two decades in Ohio governmental and political affairs, principally within the Ohio Legislature and elsewhere at the state capitol. Shear’s baccalaureate and graduate training were at the Ohio State University. He is a long-time Rotarian.

Michael J. McKenzie

Director Emeritus

Michael J. McKenzie, has worked in the financial industry since the mid 1960s. Mr. McKenzie has been an owner of Capital City Partners, Inc. and/or one of its predecessors since December of 2003. Capital City Partners, Inc. is a diversified financial services firm with subsidiaries which include Capital City Securities, LLC, a FINRA/SIPC/MSRB member broker/dealer; Capital City Asset Management Group, LLC, an SEC registered investment advisor; Capital City Insurance Group LLC, a full service insurance agency and Capital City Consulting Group LLC, an investment banking firm.

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